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How to Write a Business Plan

Starting your own start-up company, you will need direction that only a business plan can give.  But of course, writing a business plan is not as easy as logging into Facebook and writing your status. You need to clearly map out the items you would want to say. We give you some if the important […]

Is a Bubble Tea Food Truck Business right for you?

If you have been thinking of what business to start but is lost in a dud, then maybe one option is to open up a Bubble Tea Food Truck biz. However, not anyone can pull off a venture, be it as small as this. You ought to have some hunger in you to succeed.

Passion for […]

The many substitutes for milk

Regular, skimmed, or non-fat milk? Before these were the only choices for milk.

But now, there are many choices as a replacement to milk, whether your customers be lactose intolerant or just looking for an alternative, these are some of the milk substitutes which you can use.

Soya milk. Probably the milk substitute that is nearly packed […]

What is Boba?

What is Boba?
People today are experiencing big enthusiasm with one of the beverage world’s best inventions, this is called Boba Tea, which is widely more popular as bubble tea. In past few years, boba tea has been widely popular in more than a handful of Asian countries.

The word Boba has its’ roots in Mandarin. It […]

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Popping What?

Why are they called popping bobas?
Try our new addition to bubble tea tapioca family, known as “Popping Bobas”.  Popping what?  They are boba-like (commonly known as the tapioca pearls in bubble tea drinks, frozen yogurt, or shaved ice) balls that burst with juice flavor as you bite into them.   The juice balls are translucent, […]