Preparing Homemade Almond Milk Tea

People are becoming more and more obsessed about their drinks. Gone are the days when people simply drink coffee, tea, milk, or water; plain and simple. Now, even water comes in a variety of “flavor” and ordering coffee requires extensive coffee-sense since there are numerous preparations for coffee, not to mention “add-ons” like whipped cream […]

The A-B-Cs of Buying Wholesale Straws Online

A lot of people cannot drink without a drinking straw since it makes drinking a lot more convenient especially for those who are walking or driving or even those who just want to protect their teeth from stains. This is the reason why one of the more popular items in the fast food business is […]

Preparing Your Own Mango Milk Tea

Mango Milk Tea is one of the many milk tea variants that originated from Taiwan in the 1980s which eventually became very popular not only in Asia but in several parts of the world. This drink has given tea a new twist by adding a sweet mixture of fruit juices, in this case the juice […]

Mini Tapioca Pearls

In the US, the small and mini tapioca pearls is popularly used in an all-American favorite dessert Tapioca pudding.

This mini tapioca pearls are made from the same source as the regular sized ones, they are made from cassava. The cassava is a plant that is grown in tropical countries. The cassava gives off a fleshy […]