In the US, the small and mini tapioca pearls is popularly used in an all-American favorite dessert Tapioca pudding.

This mini tapioca pearls are made from the same source as the regular sized ones, they are made from cassava. The cassava is a plant that is grown in tropical countries. The cassava gives off a fleshy and edible root stock where a nutritious starch is extracted and where the pearls come from.

The cassava roots are harvested then given off to mills, where they will be cleansed and peeled using water spray. It will then undergo grinding to a fine pulp. There is some liquid which has the starch needed to make tapioca pearls, it is then drained off. The process will be repeated until the starch turns into a moist cake, and then turned to tapioca pearls.

Tapioca pearls are flavorless, they however have a sweeter taste once they have been soaked in sugary syrup or flavor. There is not much difference between the mini tapioca pearls and the regular sized boba milk tea pearls, except of course, the obvious one which is the size. About one tablespoonful or 11 grams of mini tapioca pearls have 40 calories and 10 grams of carbohydrate. It is fat-free.

Tapioca pearls, be it the mini sized, regular sized, or giant version, provides texture to the drink. Small tapioca pearls promises some delicious chewing fun as you sip your drink. Instead of just a liquid, adding these boba tea pearls gives the consumers something to chew on, a variety to their usual drink. Mini tapioca pearls are a good alternative to the regular sized boba tea pearls as this needs minimum effort in chewing.

Since mini tapioca pearls are made of cassava starch, there are a few reminders that you need to follow. Be wary that tapioca pearls often turn hard in a cold drink fast. Bubble milk teas are often served cold. This is why as bubble milk tea shop owners, you need to pay attention to how your tapioca pearls are cooked.

Sure, tapioca pearls of mediocre quality is cheaper in price, however it is more prone to lumping and will turn hard. It is always best to go for high quality mini tapioca pearls as this is what your business is anchored on, and if you have hard and lumpy pearls, it will be cost your milk tea shop more.