Mango Milk Tea is one of the many milk tea variants that originated from Taiwan in the 1980s which eventually became very popular not only in Asia but in several parts of the world. This drink has given tea a new twist by adding a sweet mixture of fruit juices, in this case the juice of golden ripe mango, on a regular tea with tapioca balls that are mildly sweetened and deliciously chewy. The drink is mixed with shaved ice and finished off with a plastic straw that is wide enough to let the tapioca balls get through.

The amazing Mango Milk Tea has captivated not only the young ones but even adults who are yearning for a unique, refreshing drink with interesting texture. If you are intrigued by this drink or you have often bought Mango Milk Tea and you want to enjoy it in the comforts of your own home to share with your family and friends here is the step-by-step guide to creating your very own Mango Milk Tea:

Step 1:           Prepare your ingredients – you will be needing 2 teabags of either black or green tea; cup of boiling water; 2 tablespoon of honey or sweet syrup; large tapioca pearls (cooked according to package instructions and mixed with syrup until well coated); flesh of 1 golden ripe mango; and a cup of fresh coconut milk

Step 2:           Let the teabags steep in the boiling water for five to ten minutes. Make sure that you have a stronger than usual tea since it will be diluted in milk and other flavors anyway.

Step 3:           Remove the teabag and add the honey/syrup/or any liquid sweetener to the prepared tea. Mix well to ensure that none of the syrup is settling on the bottom. Set aside to cool down and thereafter refrigerate until cold.

Step 4:           Place the mango flesh in the blender and mix the mango together with the fresh coconut milk until all the ingredients are blended well together; note that you should make sure that none of the flesh is visible.

Step 5:           Mix all the prepared ingredients – the tea, tapioca, and mango/coconut milk mixture – and add some shaved ice

Step 6:           Serve in tall glass with fat straw or long dessert spoon.

The Mango Milk Tea recipe above is easy to create and can serve two persons. It will sure to be a hit among milk tea “amateurs” and will definitely bring smiles to many people’s faces.