Grass Jelly Powder to create grass jelly for bubble tea drinks.

How to make grass jelly in bulk bucket:

Ingredients: Hot Water 7000 cc, Grass Jelly Juice 3000 cc, Brown Sugar 1100 g, 1 bag of Grass Jelly

  • 1) Boil 7000 cc water with 3000 cc grass jelly juice in a large pot

  • 2) Add 1100 g dark brown sugar and 1 bag of grass jelly powder into the pot

  • 3) Stir well and wait until it boil again

  • 4) Filet out the bubble and place into the tea bucket

  • 5) Let it set in room temperature until cool down, then place in the refrigerator over night before serving

Serving per bucket: 60 servings

Holding Time: 6 days. 

Must refrigerate after making.