What is Boba?

People today are experiencing big enthusiasm with one of the beverage world’s best inventions, this is called Boba Tea, which is widely more popular as bubble tea. In past few years, boba tea has been widely popular in more than a handful of Asian countries.

The word Boba has its’ roots in Mandarin. It is another word for nipple. Boba or Bubble (when pronounced right) are those soft, chewy round pearls made from tapioca mixed into the drink. The drink with a big straw that is able to fit those large Boba balls along with the milk and tea base when the drinker sips through it. This is a combination of a snack and beverage

Milk tea is good for those watching their weight because it has very low calorie content but can fill you up. Matcha, or green tea, which is widely used in milk tea also helps dissolve fat.

Boba is basically edible balls that are made from tapioca. The basic ingredient is tapioca starch that is made moist then is passed through a very fine sifter. Boba is popularly used in a lot of desserts and beverages in and around Asia. Aside from milk tea, this long list includes the Indonesian Kolak, the Indian Falooda, the Philippines Sago at Gulaman and Tapioca Pudding from different parts of Asia. When it comes to milk teas, the preferred size are the bigger ones, however when it comes to desserts, small boba is used.

The big sized bobas are made into brown bubbles or pearls and are popularly consumed with matcha, or green tea and black tea. However, in recent years these are manufactured in a variety of vary vibrant and bright colors.

Bubble or Boba Teas come primarily in two main variants, milk tea and fruit flavored. Whichever type you want, these come with the ubiquitous boba pearls. Despite the categorization of boba teas, some stores have started to offer a mix of fruit based and milk based boba teas.

It is said that Boba or Tapioca pearls, with its’ soft and chewy texture, add that distinct contrast to the milk tea base that is creamy. This contrast in texture is one of the main reasons why people love drinking milk teas. A lot of people also enjoy chewing on these edible pearls. Some people by milk tea because of the milk, some because of the tea, but there are also some who order this because of the boba.